Donating to Code & Supply Scholarship Fund

How to donate

Code & Supply Scholarship Fund (CSSF) is solely donor-funded as of 2018. That is, a number of individuals, sometimes with matching grants from their employers, fund the awards that CSSF grants.

You can help us in a few ways.

Direct cash donation

Donate to our general campaign

Be sure to check the events bar at the top of the main page for event-specific campaigns and other one-off opportunities.

We’d love if you submitted your donation to your company for corporate matching.

In-kind donations and other support

CSSF can accept a variety of in-kind donations:

  • Event tickets. Cannot use a non-refundable ticket or just want to give someone else a great experience? Donate your ticket.
  • Rewards points. These alternatives to cash donations are helpful since our scholarships often cover travel expenses.
    • Airline rewards points / miles
    • Hotel points
    • Rental car points

We can also accept cryptocurrency donations. Email us for an address.

Corporate giving

We work with companies, foundations, and other non-profits interested in being associated with supporting our target audience. We periodically host fundraising events which are frequently supported by major corporate donors.

Contact us at with what interests you and we’ll work something out.

If you’d like to make a donation, we encourage you to use the donation link above for credit card donations up to $1,000. We prefer checks for donations exceeding this and can issue invoices.

We strongly encourage companies to match their employees' donations. See more about our Matching program.

CSSF is partnered with these programs that give us a small portion of your total order.

Other donations

Contact CSSF if there are other things you can donate, such as a spare apartment unit suitable for an awardee to use for a stay. Contact us with your idea and we will see how it fits our audience’s needs.

We can also accept cryptocurrency. Contact us for more information at

Tax implications

CSSF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible. You will receive a receipt for tax purposes upon donation.

Donations made in-kind will be acknowledged but CSSF may not specify a recognized deductible value. That value is up to a donor and their tax professional to decide.