Board of Directors and other volunteering opportunities

Code and Supply Scholarship Fund needs you! As we grow, we identify opportunities to streamline and expedite the process of turning donations into successful outcomes.

Board of Directors membership

Code and Supply Scholarship Fund, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is looking for folks interested in joining its board of directors. Directors are responsible for the long-term success and continuity of the organization. The CSSF board is a “working board”, in that as of 2019, the organization does not have an executive team and performs all of the functions of the organization itself.

The board is responsible for the current tasks:

  • Finances, including donor and donation management
  • Marketing and outreach to conferences
  • Grantwriting
  • Website maintainence
  • Managing the selection committee

For 2019, we need the most help with:

  • Software development: the board could use some assistance with projects small and large
  • Consumer and Donor outreach: marketing to both individuals who may benefit from CSSF’s programs as well as individual donors who want to support those programs themselves
  • Donor management duties: Help us manage our donor workflow in order to increase donor retention and frequency
  • Foundation outreach: communication with foundations and more, including assisting in grant writing

What does board membership entail?

  • Time commitment. This board meets approximately monthly. Participation via teleconference is permissible. Beyond these obligations, directors are expected to respond to email and chat activity between meetings and to devote some time monthly to contributing to the success of the organization. Directors serve three-year terms, but it is acceptable to resign early if life gets too busy to participate in board obligations.

  • Financial commitment. Board members are expected to assist the organization financially through donations. Participation is more important than the amount, though. The board recognizes that not all contributions are monetary, so sweat equity will be taken into account when board donation participation is evaluated.

  • Compensation. Directors are not paid for their work as directors, nor can they be employees of the organization, but they are permitted to perform work for the organization at a rate equivalent to what the organization would pay someone else for that work.

If you are interested in helping build CSSF into a robust scholarship-awarding organization, let us know at

Open source projects

CSSF has a few open source projects for which we welcome contributors. See our GitLab organization for the full listing but here are the ones most worth pointing out: